25-26 April 2020 - Virtual Regatta

RS100, RS200, RS300, RS400, RS500, RS600, RS700, RS800, RS Vareo NEW Rooster RS Virtual Sprint Championship 2020

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Event has ended

Entry List

FleetSail NoHelmCrew Club
RS100 Fleet ()
RS100159 Mark Cockrill SeaTography-MarkNetley SCUnited Kingdom 
RS100379Mark Harrison mark379Gurnard SCUnited Kingdom 
RS100284 Ethan Dawson Ethan632Bass scUnited Kingdom 
RS100277David Smart DavidBlueStripeChew Valley Lake SCUnited Kingdom 
RS100508 Huw Powell 1000hpRed Wharf Bay / NetleyUnited Kingdom 
RS100410Alistair Dickson DicksonGurnard SCUnited Kingdom 
RS100523 Greg Booth BoobiPdscUnited Kingdom 
RS100120Cindy Dönnecke-Herz upsidedownrs100CKAGermany 
RS200 Fleet ()
RS200383Martin Redmond Martin R 127721Covenham SCUnited Kingdom 
RS200964Chris Thomas ChrisTBSCUnited Kingdom 
RS200719James Dowrick Rooster_JamesPorthpean SCUnited Kingdom 
RS2001242Will Birchall TRI-WillyB996Royal Southern Yacht ClubTrinidad and Tobago 
RS200728Martyn Catlow CatmanLeigh and Lowton Sailing ClubUnited Kingdom 
RS2001659David Jessop DirtyMartiniHISCUnited Kingdom 
RS200626 Will Taylor WillyT626Lymington Town SCUnited Kingdom 
RS2001253 Freddie Sutton Fred.Sutt1Broadstairs Sailing ClubUnited Kingdom 
RS200985Chay Taylor chaytaylorBurnham Sailing ClubUnited Kingdom 
RS200920 Oliver Aldridge 0LIWessex Sailing ClubUnited Kingdom 
RS2001415James Hall James1415HISCUnited Kingdom 
RS2001447Stephen Videlo SWV1447Waldringfield Sailing ClubUnited Kingdom 
RS2001601Jonny McGovern Jonnymcboatfaceport DinorwicUnited Kingdom 
RS2001642 John Wilson Cana200East Lothian YCUnited Kingdom 
RS2001253 Ben Rolfe benrolfeBurghfield SCUnited Kingdom 
RS2003174 Greg Bartlett GreggoStarcross YCUnited Kingdom 
RS200440 James Gibson gibbo992Reva SCUnited Kingdom 
RS200322Kyle Brown Kyle2BrownRestronguet Sailing ClubUnited Kingdom 
RS200845Simon Hamment sisi189607Papercourt Sailing ClubUnited Kingdom 
RS2001616 Cath Longhurst CathLHISCUnited Kingdom 
RS2001527 Chris Taylor ChrisTaylorWPNSAUnited Kingdom 
RS2001358Charlie Whitaker charliewhit Budworth SCUnited Kingdom 
RS2001340Ed Harris Calypso_2Waldringfield SCUnited Kingdom 
RS2001710Steve Wilson StevieRS SailingUnited Kingdom 
RS300 Fleet ()
RS300524Matt Sargent SailorsargeTISCUnited Kingdom 
RS300528 Paul Watson PW528CHYF/PDSCUnited Kingdom 
RS300426 Peter Horn PeteHornBurghfieldUnited Kingdom 
RS300556 Peter Mackin Pete MackinStokes Bay SCUnited Kingdom 
RS300445Paul Rigg praiuglgEast Lothian Yacht ClubUnited Kingdom 
RS300313Ben Green Ben13Lymington Town SCUnited Kingdom 
RS300523Harry McVicar Defending_champ!Draycote Water Sailing ClubUnited Kingdom 
RS300502John Wilson Cana200East Lothian Yacht ClubUnited Kingdom 
RS300451Matt Pedlow WombatStewartby Water SCAustralia 
RS300555Richard Wild555CcscUnited Kingdom 
RS300395 Ben Heppenstall Ben395Whitefriars United Kingdom 
RS300476Steve Sallis HSC476Hykeham SCUnited Kingdom 
RS300527Ian clark Ian CWarsash SCUnited Kingdom 
RS300456Edward Wilkinson Ed456Burghfield SCUnited Kingdom 
RS400 Fleet ()
RS4001202 Sam Knight Rs4001202Bartley scUnited Kingdom 
RS4001447Jon Willars WillarsWelton Sailing ClubUnited Kingdom 
RS400875 Jacob ainsworth SaltyseadowgSouth shields United Kingdom 
RS4001500 Adam Craig AdamCraigBurghfieldUnited Kingdom 
RS400828 Martin Spencer MartinLLSCUnited Kingdom 
RS4001277Graham Tullett GJT87Bristol Corinthian Yacht ClubUnited Kingdom 
RS4001377 Sean cleary First DogWakatere SC (new Zealand)Ireland 
RS4001396 Richard Catchpole CatchLeigh and Lowton United Kingdom 
RS4001363 Ross Ryan 1363Notts CountyUnited Kingdom 
RS4001500Nick Craig NickCraigFrensham BurghfieldUnited Kingdom 
RS400327 Sally Campbell SalSecBristol CorinthianUnited Kingdom 
RS4001355 Philip murray philgbrTynemouth United Kingdom 
RS4001460 Dave Exley DaveEx1460Leigh and Lowton SCUnited Kingdom 
RS4001396 Gary Coop GazzaCLeigh and Lowton SCUnited Kingdom 
RS4001407Hamish Gledhill HamishGWest Riding Sailing ClubUnited Kingdom 
RS400866 Paul Reynolds Purple Turtle v2Notts County United Kingdom 
RS4001203 Johnny Limebear Boaty1203West Riding Sailing Club United Kingdom 
RS4001203 Johnny Limebear Boaty1203West Riding Sailing Club United Kingdom 
RS4001484 Mark Somerville SjackBassenthwaite SCUnited Kingdom 
RS4001480 Andy Hadfield Andy400Parkstone YCUnited Kingdom 
RS4001429 Edward Child FastEddieLee on the Solent sailing clubUnited Kingdom 
RS4001264 Barry McCartin BMCIRLCSBC/RstGYCIreland 
RS4001253 Ben Rolfe benrolfeBurghfield SCUnited Kingdom 
RS4001113Andy Le Grice SpiceyWarsashUnited Kingdom 
RS4001369 Nigel rolfe Commodore20Burghfield Sailing ClubUnited Kingdom 
RS4001481 Howard Farbrother How Far to goQueen MaryUnited Kingdom 
RS4001489Steve Cockerill IneedtosailLee on SolentUnited Kingdom 
RS4001370 Neil McLellan Cobra1DbscUnited Kingdom 
RS400476 Martin Booth DemelzaRFYCUnited Kingdom 
RS4001124 Robert Yeamans RS BiscuitAberdeen and Stonehaven Yacht ClubUnited Kingdom 
RS400954Bertie Barker Brown BearOxfordUnited Kingdom 
RS400954George Barker Rad CoachOxfordUnited Kingdom 
RS4001031Sean Curtis VMCESSCUnited Kingdom 
RS500 Fleet ()
RS5001604 Iacopo Roncuzzi IacopoRCircolo Nautico del SavioItaly 
RS600 Fleet ()
RS600898Tim Morgan VelociousKnotPaignton Sailing ClubUnited Kingdom 
RS700 Fleet ()
RS700808 Turner James TJRHISCUnited Kingdom 
RS7001046Miles RoebuckOxfordUnited Kingdom 
RSVareo Fleet ()
RSVareo539 Mike dicker JabbaDell quay sailing clubUnited Kingdom 
RSVareo443Paul VareoPaulMilton Keynes Sailing ClubUnited Kingdom