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RS500 Page

RS500 World Championships


Photo: Lisa Johanssen Landell

We are delighted that the RS500 World Championship will be part of the massive RS Sailing  Anniversary Games. 

We join the party from Tuesday 21 to Saturday 25 August.

At the last RS Games - in 2011 - we had a great turnout of 60 boats.  Let's smash 80 boats this time!

The WPNSA site will be completely blinged for the Regatta, with a vibrant Sailor's Village - think Cowes Week but with dinghy sailors and cheaper beer.   There will, of course, also be socials every night, with our usual mix of entertainment.   When we are there, we will be sharing the site with the RS400s for 2 days, RS200s for 4 days and RS600/Vareos for 3 days.   
So a great opportunity to catch up with your mates.   The calendar which shows the whole story is at the general home page for this championship website.

The sailing will be fabulous and varied, sailing in the harbour or in the bay. 2 or 3 races/day are scheduled, from Tuesday 21 to Saturday 25 August.  Prizes for Gold, Silver, Bronze fleet, first lady helm, first master, and various others will be up for grabs.  As requested at the 2017 AGM, we will be sailing in qualifying flights as we did in The Netherlands in 2015.

Entry Fee
The entry fee is £215/€254/boat for those entering (including making payment) before 1 July 2018.  The Youth entry (for helms
under 23 at the start of the championship) is £190/€224/boat.  Enter from 21 September 2017 via this (Championship) website.
For those entering after 30 June the entry fee is £265/€313/boat (£240/€283/boat for Youth).
There are lots of local options on this championship website.

Charter a Boat

Please note that all the charter boats are now booked.  If you would like us to investigate borrowing a RS500, contact or try via facebook.

Further Information
For more information, contact Heather Chipperfield on  or +44 (0)1590 610273.


Photo: Swedish Party, Riva del Garda. Paul Wyeth


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