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Charter Boats

 Available Charter Boats


£450 per week, including sails, delivery and insurance

£500 damage deposit required at the Event; this can be taken on a credit card.

To book - contact Peter Barton.


There are 6 brand new charter boats available to non-UK sailors.  

€825/boat, including sails, delivery and insurance. 

The boats are available until they are all gone or 1 July 2018 - whichever is the quicker!

book with your entry



Details to follow  

Fully rigged RS Feva - £600 / €690 , including sails, delivery and insurance

RS Feva without sails - £380 / €440 , including spars and insurance

£500 / €600 damage deposit required at the Event; this can be taken on a credit card.

To book - Contact Class Secretary Lucy


Charter boat bookings will close one month before the event.

There are no charter RS100/200/300/400/600/700/800/Vareos available for the RS Games.  However, if you are interested in joining in and need to borrow a boat, please contact


RS Class Association
Heather Chipperfield
East Hayes
Grove Road
SO41 3RN

T. +44 (0)1590 610273
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