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Results / Netley SC - 07/04/2023

EaSEA Tour Round 2 @ Netley SC – Friday 7th April

20 RS200s descended on Netley Sailing Club for the second round of the Sailing Chandlery EaSEA Tour on what felt like the first day of Summer.  After a quick bacon sandwich and briefing outside the impressive new clubhouse, the competitors applied the sun cream eager to get racing underway with what little breeze there was forecast to die away as the day went on.

That eagerness was evident on the race course too, with the first start ending up with a general recall.  It got away at the second time of asking but with several premature starters having to return opening up nice lanes for a trio of the visitors from Queen Mary to wriggle their way up to the windward mark in the podium positions.

However, that wasn’t to last with Jamie Harris and Ellen Main from Netley/Hayling deploying their light wind downhill speed to overhaul Charlie and Lucy.  They then set about eating into the lead of Andrew and Nina and the father son duo of David and Rowan.  It came down to the short final leg from the gate to the finish with Andrew and Nina doing enough, just, to hold off the charging Jamie and Ellen.

Race two saw the breeze flick left during the sequence and Ben and Lorna take advantage, coming off the pin end to build an unassailable lead of around half a leg.  Jamie and Ellen again turned on the pace to sweep through to second, while Andrew and Nina were completely buried but rolled the dice on the final downwind by splitting from fleet on the run and found a band of pressure to take them up from about three from the back to three from the front.  Andrew Barnett and Jo Lloyd found their feet in the light conditions to put a 4th on the scorecard.

With the breeze fading and shifting left, the tide became a bigger factor in races three and four.  But while it had started to go out down at the start, there was strangely never much at the top of the course closer to the channel.  The tactical debate was whether to go uptide first and try and get the tide under the lee bow, or to head out on port closer to the middle of Southampton water, where the tide didn’t appear to be as strong.

It turned out that the advantages of each broadly cancelled out, with pressure the deciding factor.  Lorna clearly had her head out of the boat in race three, as she and Ben tied up another race win with Jamie and Ellen second.  Richard and Oliver Brown, a father son team from Carsington Water showed some good light airs pace to come in third.

It looked questionable whether a fourth race would go off in the dying breeze, but with Ben and Lorna two points behind Jamie and Ellen and carrying a six after having to go back at the start of race one, they were no doubt relieved to see the flags go up for a decider.  The perennial bridesmaids up to that point, Jamie and Ellen managed to sneak past Ben and Lorna on the final downwind to take the win.

With Ben and Lorna taking second, they jumped to the top of the leader board after the drop, with Jamie and Ellen in second, and Andrew and Nina in third.

The competitors enjoyed cake from the galley and the Easter sunshine on the waterfront after racing, as race officer Nigel Wakefield presented the prizes from the club and Sailing Chandlery. Nigel and his team did a stellar job to get four fair races away in increasingly challenging conditions, but always just enough puff to get the kites filling and get RS200s over the tide.  Netley really does feel like a holiday resort when the sun is out – I hope we can return next year!

By Andrew Wishart

Sailing photos thanks to Nigel Wakefield

Shore photos thanks to Lorna Glen

Pos Sail number Helm Crew Home Club R1 R2 R3 R4 Net.P
1 1700 Ben Whaley Lorna Glen Parkstone YC 6 1 1 2 4
2 1439 Jamie Harris Ellen Main Netley/Hayling 2 2 2 1 5
3 785 Andrew Wishart Nina Luckmann Queen Mary SC 1 3 4 3 7
4 1635 Andrew Barnett Jo Lloyd Island Barn RSC 10 4 7 4 15
5 534 Richard Brown Oliver Brown Carsington Water SC 7 6 3 8 16
6 1540 David Steed var. Martins Netley SC 5 5 6 6 16
7 1727 David Copse Rowan Copse Queen Mary SC 3 9 8 7 18
8 1740 Mark Oakey Jess Smith Cardiff Bay 9 8 16 5 22
9 1358 Charles Whitaker Lucy Gates Queen Mary SC 4 12 15 10 26
10 1618 James Ross Henry Ross Netley SC 12 7 10 DNS 29
11 770 Douglas Struth Marion Queen Mary SC 13 13 5 12 30
12 1562 Andy Le Grice William Grice Warsash SC 11 10 11 9 30
13 381 Dan Wealthy Alex Wealthy Warsash SC 14 15 9 13 36
14 1356 Andrew Chapman Melissa Chapman Netley SC 19 11 12 14 37
15 345 Martin Lown   Netley SC 16 14 13 11 38
16 1093 James Spikesley Beth Spikesley Netley SC 8 16 DNS DNS 45
17 1703 Alastair Shove Oliver Shove Netley SC 15 18 17 15 47
18 1061 Ella Ashworth Edward Ashworth Netley SC 18 17 14 DNS 49
19 1290 Rob Bowen Kay Bowen Netley SC 17 19 DNS DNS 57
20 340 tbc tbc tbc 20 20 DNS DNS 61
21 439 Paris Thomas Marta Uncio Ribera RTYC DNS DNS DNS DNS 63
22 888 Sandy McPherson Jennie Trickett Netley SC DNS DNS DNS DNS 63
23 1017 Matt Riley Miranda Cook Eastbourne Sovereign SC DNS DNS DNS DNS 63
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