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Results / Harken RS End of Seasons Regatta Rutland SC - 05/11/2022

Thank you very much to Rutland SC for hosting a superb Harken RS End of Seasons Regatta.  And a very big thank you to Harken for sponsoring the event!

Congratulations to our fleet winners:

RS200: from Frensham Pond SC Tom and Tristan Alheid

RS300: from Stokes Bay SC Pete Mackin

RS400: from Beaver SC Ollie Groves and Esther Parkhurst

RS500: from Gurnard SC Tim and Heather Wilkins

RS600: from Bough Beech SC George Smith

RS800: from HISC Tom Morris and Guy Fillmore

RS Vareo: from Emberton Park SC Luke Fisher

Reports will be posted as soon as received.  Please click on your fleet name to read the report:







RS Vareo

RS200s Harken RS End of Seasons Regatta

Amongst the chaos of the Rutland car park, six RS200s rigged on a grey but breezy November day for the Harken RS End of Seasons Regatta.  The forecasted rain hadn’t materialised, but the breeze was picking up nicely as racing kicked off on time.

Race one had the furthest travelled pair, John Wilson and Laura Glover of East Lothian Yacht Club, off to a strong start, leading for much of the race as the fleet navigated successfully around the outer loop of a trapezoid course, rather than the standard windward leeward.  They were pipped to the finish by a strong final downwind by Tom and Tristan Ahlheid from Frensham Pond Sailing Club.  The middle of the fleet was also hotly contested, with close racing between Adam and Martyn Catlow of Leigh & Lowton SC and local boat Sam and Jim Lowbridge.

The breeze continued to build for race two, with the Ahlheids off to another strong start and successfully maintaining this lead for the duration of the race, once again fending off the Scottish pair who picked up another second.  Paris Thomas and Marta Uncio Ribera picked up third, having returned to the race course just in the nick of time for the start after suffering from snapped toe straps and tiller extension in race one.

Race three was off to a competitive start with the Ahlheids once again in the lead, and tight racing throughout the rest of the fleet.  The Ahlheids built a comfortable lead over the course of the outer loops. The rest of the fleet was close, with places changing regularly.

The final downwind - before the reach to the finish - saw collisions, breakdowns and retirements.  Paris and Marta were taken out by a rogue RS400, which wasn’t even racing, causing a broken rudder.  John and Laura had bent their gooseneck earlier in the race, and finally lost their boom in a gybe.  Both boats were forced to retire. The Catlows sailed clean and fast to take second, and the Lowbridges picked up third.

Sadly, Sunday dawned to thick fog covering the lake and only a whisper of a breeze.  Much tea was drunk and stories told until the race office finally abandoned all racing just before noon.  The fog lifted as boats were being packed up and put on road bases, in time for the prize giving to be held in bright sunshine.

First overall went to the highly consistent Tom and Tristan Ahlheid, winning with three firsts.  Second went to the consistent Adam and Martyn Catlow; and third to John Wilson and Laura Glover, who rued the lack of discard.

Thank you to Harken for generously sponsoring the event and thank you to Rooster for sponsoring the RS200 Rooster National Tour 2022.

Report by Laura Glover

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RS300s at Harken RS End of Seasons Regatta

The Harken RS End of Seasons Regatta at Rutland Sailing Club on 5-6 November was the final event of the 2022 RS Vareo Rooster National Tour.  Four RS Vareos were entered but Alan Bassett suffering from the after effects of his Covid jab sadly pulled out at the last minute.

Four hardy souls turned up at Rutland SC in their trusty RS300s for the Harken RS End of Seasons Regatta. The forecast had looked nice for the last couple of days but this morning it had decided to predict 30 knot gusts. However, this did not deter us as on arriving and being under the protection of the trees things were pleasant.  So off we went after remembering to at least skim through the video briefing so we knew we were starting with the RS600s.   

The lake was very low, so a muddy launch was the order of the day once you had got to the bottom of the beach.  Once out on the race course, far down by the dam, we were met with a good breeze but so far nothing near the expected gusts.   

Once the RS Vareos and the RS200s had started, we lined up for race one on the relatively crowded start line with the RS600s.  Even with a good start the RS600s eventually started to overhaul so clear air had to be found.  A good solid race was had with Pete stretching his legs into the lead and Luke showing good pace to keep near him.  Rob came in third and Mathew, after a Summer of harvesting rather than sailing, was fourth following a quick dip on one of the runs whilst hunting gusts.   

Race two, the windward and spreader mark had been moved further upwind, so a bit more grunt work was required to get there but all was good.  Until on the second lap when we discovered that the bear away mark was directly on the starboard lay line for the RS800s, at which point we all arrived at the same time. This required some very precise threading of the needle between the RS800s whilst bearing away at full speed, I’m still not sure they saw us coming….   

On the second run, Luke got a bit of a wobble on and lost it into windward with the boat quickly assuming its most stable position of upside down, with Luke quickly scrabbling back onto the hull to get going again (and get out of the chilly water I think) the dagger board slipped through his fingers to disappeared out of reach.  This took some time to recover so Luke was out.   

Again, Peter got the better of the rest and won with Matthew and Rob bringing up the rear.   

Race three, what felt like a long postponement was endured whilst the course was adjusted before the third start.  At which time it felt like the gusts were trying to match the forecast.  On starting, the RS300s kept a close fleet with Mathew starting to get back into the groove giving Pete a good run all the way round.  Luke again lost it on the run as it was tricky with lulls and gusts, this time even drawing blood.  So, Pete completed his clean sweep, Mathew second and Rob third.   

This was followed by the long beat back to the club, a muddy haul up the beach, a hot shower, a few good beers and a tasty lasagne in the club before bed.   

Sunday arrived and the not much could be seen at all thanks to fog and very little wind, so the AP flag went up and we waited.  The committee boat went out to see what could not be seen and eventually the day was all called off, so we made use of our time in comparing how much we could bend our booms and how much vang we had been putting on the day before.  Turns out we all needed was to put more on to match Pete.   

Thanks to Rutland for another good event, even if it was only one day of sailing, and a good evening.  Also, thanks to the sponsors: Harken for the event and Rooster for the RS300 2022 National Tour.   

Report by Rob Ford

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RS400 Harken RS End of Seasons Regatta

A fantastic year for the RS400 was signed off in style with the Harken RS End of Seasons finale at Rutland Sailing Club.  The preceding week had yielded every permutation of forecast possible, was it going to be 40 knots or 4?  Nervous entrants polled the class association page on the maximum wind strength the race committee might run racing in (answer - possibly 30 knots+) but on the day there were no such concerns. Racing got underway in a pleasant 8-12 knot Southerly, although with the course hard up against the bank there were holes and shifts aplenty to test all crews.

Returning hot-shots Mike Simms and Jack Holden made the best of a pin-biased line to make the early running.  With the breeze trending quite hard to the left, a long drag race on port was the order of the day, with the best gains to be made in the occasional shifts back to the centre that might just allow a place or two to be made.  It was apparent that any large gains or losses were going to be made on the downwind, and so it proved to be with Ollie Groves and Esther Parkhurst breaking free of the chasing pack and onto the stern of Mike and Jack on the first downwind.  From there, it was a matter of waiting for a rare mistake from the leading crew, and it came on the final run to the finish with Ollie and Esther profiting from a miscalculated lay line to sweep into the lead and take the first bullet of the day.  The father-son team of Chris and Niall Eames were best of the rest in third.

Between the races the wind had really started to build, with the gusts now well up into the high teens and early twenties.  Ollie and Esther were lighting quick up the first beat to lead round the windward mark, with Mike and Jack and current national champs Sam Knight and Chris Bownes right on top of each other as they turned back down the course.  With the increase in breeze, the larger gusts enabled those who found them a rapid route downwind and it was Sam and Chris who found the first of these, gybing early from the bank into the centre of the course.  The first three rounded the leeward gate practically bow to stern, with Ollie and Esther just ahead.  These three were tied at the hip for the remainder of the race, but ultimately Ollie and Esther showed the race craft to snatch another bullet. 

It was 2/2 for the Grove/Parkhurst crew, and they were looking good once again as they led round the first lap of the final race of the day.  However, this time Sam and Chris found a very long ladder on the second downwind to launch themselves into and unassailable lead which they could hold to the finish.  Ollie and Esther finished a solid second and Mike and Jack rounded off the podium in third.  That put the Ollie and Esther firmly in the hot seat for the second day, having shown incredible consistency on the first.

The second day dawned foggy and dark - or was that just my head?  A large tea and an excellent breakfast soon removed the ‘morning after’ sensations from those crews who may have overindulged at the pub the previous nights, but unfortunately it did little to dispel the actual fog that plagued Rutland throughout the morning.  After an hour’s postponement the Race Officer made the call to can the racing for the day, leaving the crews to pack up in the inevitable sunshine that appeared almost at the same time as the abandonment flag (sods law!).  That meant Ollie and Esther were deservedly left as Harken RS End of Seasons winners, with Mike and Jack as runners up.  Thank you to Harken for sponsoring the event and to Rooster for sponsoring our National Tour.

See Sam Knight’s GoPro footage here

Report by Sam Knight

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RS600s at Harken RS End of Seasons Regatta 5-6 Nov 22 at Rutland SC

A respectable fleet of eight boats - the third largest fleet - gathered at Rutland SC on 5th November for the final stage of the 2022 Rooster National Tour.  There was all to play for with George Smith and Jamie Mawson tied on points for the overall series title.

Race one started in a gusty 12 knot breeze, on a short line shared with the RS300s.  Jamie made it around the windward mark first, leading for the first lap closely followed by George.  On the second lap, George deployed his superior upwind speed to reel in and eventually pass Jamie, with Jamie Watson taking third.

George made no mistakes to lead race two from the start, in an increasingly gusty wind that touched 20 knots at times.  Simon Hibbert was second round followed by Jamie M, until a capsize down the run.  Simon recovered well to pull back to third, but by this time George and Jamie M were clear ahead, finishing in that order.

Race three was almost an action replay of race two, with George, Simon and Jamie M rounding first. George pulled away, leaving Simon and Jamie to fight out for second, with Jamie just nosing ahead on the final run.

Sunday dawned with a thick fog and no wind, which despite the forecast failed to materialise.  After an extended delay on shore, the race officer decided to abandon, as if on cue the fog lifted and a light breeze filled in about twenty minutes later!  The prizegiving was held in glorious conditions, with George taking a well-deserved win for both the event and series.  Thank you to Harken for generously sponsoring the event.  And thank you to Rooster for sponsoring our RS600 Rooster National Tour.

2023 is shaping up to be a good year, with new sailors in the class getting competitive, new boats being built and a return to the popular venue of Stone for the Nationals.  That's it for RS events but we hope to see as many boats as possible on the SailJuice circuit this Winter.

Save the dates for 2023 here

Report by Jamie Mawson

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RS500s at Harken RS End of Seasons Regatta

Six RS500s travelled to Rutland Sailing Club for the Harken RS End of Seasons Regatta on the weekend of the 5th and 6th of November.  The three races on Saturday had a strong breeze of 15 gusting 25 from the south creating perfect RS500 conditions and the fleet enjoyed the flat water Rutland provided.

Tim and Heather Wilkins put on a dominant display to win all three races putting the rest of the fleet to shame.  The rest of the fleet had a close battle with John Cooper and Andy Maw clinching second place, three boats tied for third place and the final boat only two points behind them.

Thomas Leather and Maeve Hall showed amazing speed when they went upside-down.  Peter lock and Will Webb relished the conditions and held it against Nigel and Aaron Davis coming 4th in the overall results. The Endeavour Trophy went to Robin Leather and Sophie Wright who had the speed but lacked the finesse to negotiate the competition in the other races.

A great time was had by all and thanks must be given to Rutland Sailing Club, event sponsor Harken and National Tour sponsor Rooster.

Report by Maeve Hall

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RS800s at Harken RS End of Seasons Regatta

Returning to a RS800 event for the first time in over 6 years

This Autumn my crew Ella and I entered a couple of RS800 events: the Rope4Boats Inland Championship at Grafham Water Sailing Club and the Harken RS End of Seasons Regatta at Rutland Sailing Club.  For me it was the first time I had done an RS800 event in over six years and for Ella these were her first experiences.

I was interested to see that a few names that I remembered from the past were sailing and a few more that I didn’t recognise.  Almost as soon as we had stepped out of the car arriving at Grafham a couple of people who were rigging their boats stopped what they were doing and come over to say hello, introduce themselves and tell us what they had lined up to keep RS800 sailors interested and entertained throughout the event.  At the weigh in scales, I couldn’t quite remember how it worked, but there were more friendly sailors keen to help us out.

The fleet seems to have shrunk a bit, but the front and middle sections of it seemed at least as fast as they were before.  Most of the boats seem to be using crew sheeting for the main sail which is a change, but not all.

Coming off the water there was an opportunity for all the sailors to have a guided tour of the leaders’ boat. Tom Morris and Guy Fillmore explained why they had set systems up the way that they had and were more than happy to answer questions and explain things further if required.

Hugh Shone had put a lot of effort into organising entertainment for us all and the rest of the fleets in the evening with extremely entertaining games which went down very well with everyone.

At the Rutland event the experience was very similar.  The fleet might be smaller now, but it is more friendly, and very supportive with the regular sailors making a real effort to be encouraging and make everyone feel welcome, resulting in very good and enjoyable weekends away.

Thanks to Rutland for another good event, even if it was only one day of sailing, and a good evening.  Also, thanks to the sponsors: Harken for the event and Rooster for the RS300 2022 National Tour.   

Report by Alistair Hodgson

Race Report

Last weekend saw the Harken RS End of Seasons Regatta held out of Rutland Sailing Club.  Twelve RS800s rigged up with a slightly grey backdrop over the lake, treated to a few showers of rain.  The forecast for the weekend looked promising and as the boats made their way to the start the breeze was gently building.

The first race started with some patchy pressure.  The majority of the fleet took the middle left up the first beat with the pressure lifting port tack on the way up the track.  Tom Morris and Guy Fillmore rounded in first which was the start of their trend for the weekend.  Jack Elsby-Hartman and Ben McMeekin rounded in second closely followed by Fiona Hampshire and Hugh Shone, who snuck down the inside on the bear away, taking an early gybe out left.  Some tight racing to kick off the weekend.

Race one concluded with Tom and Guy taking the first win of three for the weekend, with Fiona and Hugh taking the first of their three seconds.

Race two saw some similar action with the breeze starting to build, the downwinds got faster and more exciting, gybing into pressure and avoiding the RS400s and RS500s coming upwind.

The breeze pumped up to 16-22 knots for the final race of the day, with a few mistakes being slightly more costly for some boats.  Tom and Guy once again put on a consistent performance to pick up the final first of the day.

Day one ended with another Race Clinic from Tom looking at starting technique.  Using onboard footage from the day, it was helpful to understand how different teams approached their starts.  The session snowballed into a broader set of questions as participants tried to get to the bottom of Tom and Guy's insane height and speed upwind.  Following this grilling, things took a tropical turn for a Hawaiian themed dinner at the club.  There were some particularly fruity shirts on display as the fleet saw out the 2022 Rooster National Tour in a blitz of garlands and rum punch.  It was a great evening.

Sunday morning was another grey start.  Racing was postponed ashore due to light winds and a heavy fog. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t play ball and the Race Committee signalled AP over A just before 1200hrs.   Even cut short the weekend was heaps of fun and not short of some great racing.  Thank you to Harken for sponsoring the event and to Rooster for sponsoring our National Tour.

Report by Jack Elsby-Hartman

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RS Vareos at Harken RS End of Seasons Regatta

The Harken RS End of Seasons Regatta at Rutland Sailing Club on 5-6 November was the final event of the 2022 RS Vareo Rooster National Tour.  Four RS Vareos were entered but Alan Bassett suffering from the after effects of his Covid jab sadly pulled out at the last minute.

The RS Vareos were first start on the outer trapezoid course, basically a windward leeward course but with a reach after the first mark and again to the finish.

Thankfully the early forecasts for Saturday eased and we left the beach in a decent breeze expecting pressure to build during the afternoon.  The starts were a quick 3,2,1, go and we were followed by the RS200s four minutes later and then the RS300s and RS600s.  With the RS400s, RS500s and RS800s on an adjacent but overlapped course there was plenty of traffic on the water.

The RS Vareos got away to a good, close start with Luke Fisher getting to the first mark in the lead followed by Chris Abbott then Paul North.  A good downwind leg with kites up saw Luke pull out a decent lead with Paul and Chris close at the mark.  On the upwind leg Paul picked the wrong black mark and realising his mistake saw that Chris was now 100 yards ahead and uncatchable.  At the finish Luke, Chris, Paul.

The wind was up a notch for race two.  Again a good start from all three saw a close beat to begin with, but Luke, always able to keep the boat flat in almost any conditions pulled out an early lead from Paul and Chris struggling through the rising chop.  Chris was able to pull away from Paul upwind but sailing wider and faster downwind Paul was able to get back close until a capsize on lap two dropped him too far back and a second one on lap three sealed the deal.  At the finish Luke, Chris, Paul.

Race three saw Paul sail the correct course, and stay upright, to give Chris a good race with them trading 2nd and 3rd several times before a great final upwind leg from Chris leg Paul too much to do.  With an outside chance of a pipping Chris to the line, Paul left the kite up for the final reach but a big gust took him downwind and that was that.  At the finish Luke, Chris, Paul (again).

It was a long sail back from the far end of Rutland Water against a breeze now steadily in the upper teens with gusts well in the 20s.  Once back a beer tasted very good, washed down with the inevitable (and gratefully appreciated) delicious cake from my wife Moira.  The new catering outfit at RSC put on a great meal which was well attended by the regatta competitors and it was soon time for an early night.

Sunday's forecast was for lighter winds but in the end they didn't arrive until too late to clear the fog that had settled over the lake.  With boats packed the prize giving for the event and the various tours were rattled through by an impressively organised Clare Sargent in record time.

Thanks to all at Rutland SC for putting on such a well organised event.  Thank you to Harken for generously sponsoring the event and thank you to Rooster for sponsoring the RS Vareo Rooster National Tour 2022.

See you in Spring for the season opening RS Sprints 22-23 April 2023.

Report by Paul North

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Harken RS End of Season Championships 2022

Rutland Sailing Club


Results are provisional as of 15:39 on November 5, 2022

RS200 Class

Sailed: 3, Discards: 0, To count: 3, Entries: 7, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank Sail No Class Club Helm Crew Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Total Nett
1st 1237 RS200 Frensham Pond SC Tom Ahlheid Tristan Ahlheid 1 1 1 3 3
2nd 728 RS200 Leigh & Lowton SC/Abersoch SC Adam Catlow Martyn Catlow 3 4 2 9 9
3rd 1642 RS200 East Lothian YC John Wilson Laura Glover 2 2 8 DNC 12 12
4th 1275 RS200 Rutland SC Sam Lowbridge Jim Lowbridge 4 5 3 12 12
5th 1100 RS200 Frensham Pond SC Bridgitte Nee Sarah McEwan 5 6 4 15 15
6th 439 RS200 Royal Thames YC Paris Thomas Marta Uncio Ribera 8 RET 3 8 DNC 19 19
7th 16 RS200 Pevensey Bay SC Chris Webber Nicki Webber 8 DNC 8 DNC 8 DNC 24 24

RS300 Class

Sailed: 3, Discards: 0, To count: 3, Entries: 4, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank Sail No Class Club Helm Crew Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Total Nett
1st 556 RS300 Stokes Bay SC Peter Mackin   1 1 1 3 3
2nd 451 RS300 Stewartby Water SC Matthew Pedlow   4 2 2 8 8
3rd 351 RS300 Alton Water SC Rob Ford   3 3 3 9 9
4th 520 RS300 Emsworth SC Luke South   2 5 RET 5 DNC 12 12

RS400 Class

Sailed: 3, Discards: 0, To count: 3, Entries: 18, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank Sail No Class Club Helm Crew Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Total Nett
1st 1526 RS400 Beaver SC Ollie Groves Esther Parkhurst 1 1 2 4 4
2nd 1505 RS400 Carsington/Chichester Mike Sims Jack Holden 2 2 3 7 7
3rd 1376 RS400 Bartley SC Sam Knight Chris Bownes 5 3 1 9 9
4th 1528 RS400 QMSC Christopher Eames Niall Eames 3 5 5 13 13
5th 1492 RS400 Beaver SC Martin Penty Luke Dickinson 6 4 4 14 14
6th 1235 RS400 Chase SC Sam Pickering Eden Hyland 4 7 6 17 17
7th 1469 RS400 Parkstone YC Martin Powell Arun Powell 9 6 7 22 22
8th 1363 RS400 Notts County SC Ross Ryan Oliver Ryan-Moore 7 11 11 29 29
9th 1537 RS400 Rutland SC Jamie Morgan Anna-Louise Glendenning 8 8 15 31 31
10th 880 RS400 King George SC Tim Le Couilliard James Le Couilliard 11 13 8 32 32
11th 1450 RS400 Bartley SC Nick Eaves Greg Pace 13 10 12 35 35
12th 1249 RS400 Bough Beech SC Richard Hudson Paul Gardner 10 16 10 36 36
13th 901 RS400 Bartley SC Caroline Whitehouse Adam Whitehouse 19 UFD 12 9 40 40
14th 1524 RS400 Leigh & Lowton SC Stuart Halman Anna Walsh 12 9 19 DNC 40 40
15th 1435 RS400 Warsash SC Matt Sheahan Ellie Sheahan 14 14 13 41 41
16th 1521 RS400 Warsash SC Andy Powell Vince Hayter 15 15 14 44 44
17th 1433 RS400 PYC Richard Hall Alicia 19 DNC 19 DNC 19 DNC 57 57
17th 1481 RS400 Lymington Town SC Howard Farbrother Jack Munnelly 19 DNC 19 DNC 19 DNC 57 57

RS500 Class

Sailed: 3, Discards: 0, To count: 3, Entries: 6, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank Sail No Class Club Helm Crew Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Total Nett
1st 625 RS500 Gurnard SC Tim Wilkins Heather Wilkins 1 1 1 3 3
2nd 610 RS500 Burghfield SC John Cooper Andy Maw 2 2 2 6 6
3rd 922 RS500 Gurnard SC Thomas Leather Maeve Hall 3 6 4 13 13
4th 511 RS500 Slaughden Peter Lock Will Webb 5 5 3 13 13
5th 920 RS500 Draycote Water SC Nigel Davis Aaron Davis 4 4 5 13 13
6th 652 RS500 Gurnard SC Robin Leather Sophie Wright 6 3 6 15 15

RS600 Class

Sailed: 3, Discards: 0, To count: 3, Entries: 9, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank Sail No Class Club Helm Crew Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Total Nett
1st 988 RS600 Bough Beech SC George Smith   1 1 1 3 3
2nd 1001 RS600 Notts County SC Jamie Mawson   2 2 2 6 6
3rd 938 RS600 Notts County SC Simon Hibbert   6 3 3 12 12
4th 761 RS600 Thornbury SC Jamie Watson   3 4 5 12 12
5th 850 RS600 Carsington SC Neil Cooney   4 6 4 14 14
6th 670 RS600 Grafham Water SC Will Russell   5 5 7 17 17
7th 810 RS600 Notts County SC Jake Willars   10 RET 10 DNC 6 26 26
8th 958 RS600 Pembrokeshire YC Chris Owens   7 10 DNC 10 DNC 27 27
9th 885 RS600 Notts County SC John Tailby   10 DNC 10 DNC 10 DNC 30 30

RS800 Class

Sailed: 3, Discards: 0, To count: 3, Entries: 12, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank Sail No Class Club Helm Crew Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Total Nett
1st 1144 RS800 HISC Tom Morris Guy Filmore 1 1 1 3 3
2nd 1231 RS800 Swanage SC Fiona Hampshire Hugh Shone 2 2 2 6 6
3rd 1179 RS800 Restronguet SC Jack Elsby-Hartman Ben McMeekin 3 4 6 13 13
4th 1245 RS800 Beaver SC James Penty Eddie Grayson 4 3 7 14 14
5th 1225 RS800 Leigh & Lowton SC Elizabeth Watton Christopher Williams 6 5 4 15 15
6th 1224 RS800 Carsington SC Fred Lord Louise Gale 5 8 3 16 16
7th 820 RS800 QMSC Bryan Ormond Anna Prescott 8 6 5 19 19
8th 1122 RS800 Brightlingsea SC Blake Tudor Brett Tudor 7 7 9 23 23
9th 1099 RS800 Draycote Water SC Alistair Hodgson Ella Spain 10 9 8 27 27
10th 1188 RS800 Stokes Bay SC Nick Ireland Daniel Goodman 9 10 13 DNC 32 32
11th 846 RS800 HISC Josh Poat Robbie Cherry 11 11 10 32 32
12th 1176 RS800 HISC Louis Johnson Eden Reynell 13 DNC 13 DNC 13 DNC 39 39

RSVareo Class

Rank Sail No Class Club Helm Crew Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Total Nett
1st 621 RSVareo Emberton Park SC Luke Fisher   1 1 1 3 3
2nd 649 RSVareo Nottingham SC Chris Abbott   2 2 2 6 6
3rd 443 RSVareo Milton Keynes SC Paul North   3 3 3 9 9
4th 247 RSVareo Weirwood SC Alan Bassett   5 DNC 5 DNC 5 DNC 15 15



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