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Congratulations to Oliver Turner and Sam Mottershead RS200 Rooster National Tour Champions 2019

With a victory at GP1 in Exe, 2nd place at the sprints in Rutland and a very hard fought 7th from the 41 strong fleet at HISC, Oliver Turner’s consistency paid off to bring home the title.

 The National Tour was really hotly contested at every event” Groves commented.

 “We got super lucky at a few events and won tiebreaks that made big differences overall which is crazy given how close the racing is in the RS200 with mark roundings alone being somewhere you can gain or lose 5-10 places.”

“I really enjoyed the Sprints event as the racing was fast and frantic with no room for error at the start or first beat. Having always been someone that starts poorly but pulls through given a long race, this forced me to get stuck in!

 Full results of the National Tour can be found here

RS200 Rooster National Tour Results 2019

Next year the Rooster Tour will return to Exe, with new dates at Queen Mary and Draycote water and of course a return to the ever-popular Rutland and HISC.

 Dates for the 2020 tour are online here.

RS200 Rooster National Tour 2020 Schedule

 Congratulations to Olly and to 2nd placed David Jessop and Will Taylor in 3rd.

 See you all in 2020 for more legendary socials and great racing.

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