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Congratulations to RS200 End of Seasons Winners David Jessop and Sophie Mears

Report from End of Seasons. Courtesy of Simon Hammett

Day 1
Teams arrived to a wet, muddy and ever building breeze at Rutland for the end of seasons. Boats were dumped as everyone grouped round the TV in the bar with expectation of an England victory. 80 minutes of boring rugby later and a result we won’t mention the teams peered out the window to the increasing breeze thinking it would be hard work but should just about get round.
A quick race briefing later, and a mad rush around from everyone who had prioritised the rugby over any sort of boat preparation, the first few RS boats left the beach for the start of the pursuit race. Upon leaving the shore they were quickly flattened and the 35+ knot gusts that had been forecast were all over the reservoir. These brave few who had ventured out were guided back to the shore and racing was abandoned for the day.
As sure as anything as soon as racing had been abandoned for the day the breeze dropped to provide lovely sailing conditions which many of the fleet took the opportunity to get out in and go for a blast.
Day 2
The second day was forecast for a light day with four races planned in separate fleet starts, one course for the 200s,400s,500s and 800s and another for the 300s,600s and vareos. 
Race 1 saw a patchy 5-8 knots throughout and despite the big shifts and different routes around the course the fleet all managed to stay compact with lots of over taking, gains and loses to be had which set the scene for the whole day. David Jessop and Sophie Mear took the first victory of the day with Aaron Holman and Lawrence Creaser in second followed by Matt Fowler and Lynne Ratcliffe in third. 
Race 2 started with the least breeze and hence the course had been shortened by the race committee. This then led to a second lap of stronger breeze and there were even periods of hiking as the wind shifted considerably making the second upwind a straight drag race to the top mark. As the wind shifted on this smaller course it became a game of trying to avoid the 400s who seemed to be everywhere. Aaron and Lawrence claimed the win in this race with James Hall and Zoe Nieveen in second followed by David and Sophie in third.
Race 3 Saw another gentle breeze but bigger course this time, after the first lap David and Sophie had got themselves to the front followed by Aaron and Lawrence but by the end of the second upwind Aaron and Lawrence had seen themselves drop right down the fleet. David and Sophie took another win followed by Matt and Lynne in second and James and Zoe in third.
Race 4 was the decider with David Jessop and Aaron Holman both keeping a close eye and proximity to each other off the line. The final race saw the tightest racing of the day with all 9 boats managing to end up going on the spreader leg of the course at the same time on the first lap. All the boats being in such close proximity led to the inevitable spins shouts and protests. Matt Fowler managed to dodge the battles going on and win the race with David getting a second to secure the overall victory. 
A great day of incredibly tight racing in what weren’t the most ideal conditions.

Peter Fothergill's great event photo gallery is available to view and buy here

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Happy RS200 Sailing!



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