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Alistair and Helen Norris Take Chew Valley Open


Chew Valley Lake SC RS200 SW Ugly tour open 26th October 2019

By John Teague


After a busy and highly competitive season of Ugly tour racing, on the RS200 SW Ugly tour sponsored by Westcountry Boat Repairs, the final remaining event was at our traditional season ending event of Chew Valley Lake. This year there was even more stiff competition, not from any sailors, but the England and New Zealand rugby teams. The rugby gave the ever increasing crowd, something to distract from the 25-30kt winds out on the lake, and became an epic start to the day for any England fans. With the wind due to swing 180 degrees and drop to 10kts, a wise decision by the race team was made to postpone, a popular decision given the horizontal rain!


As the wind began to moderate the fleet, slightly reluctantly headed out for a later than planned days racing. It didn't take long for the forecast to prove itself to be pretty damned accurate, with the first race turning inside out on the second beat, to take a windward leeward course, to a leeward windward course, extraordinary! The leading two boats of John Teague/Naomi Pound and Alistair/Helen Norris slogged it out up the final beat that should have been a run, with Teague/Pound sneaking the win, from Norris/Norris, with Owain Hughes/Mari Shepherd in third and Fred Mainwaring/Liz Teague in fourth.


The second race, now on a very quickly re-set course, set off with Mainwaring/Teague showing great pace to take a healthy lead and the win in the now marginal planing conditions, behind Norris/Norris broke away from the chasing pack to sit in a comfortable second. A final run push from Teague/Pound saw them take third place from chew locals Dave Sweet/Derian Scott and Hughes/Shepherd in fifth. The third race saw the cornish duo of Henry Hallam/Ollie Croft take the lead for the majority of the race, with Norris/Norris just pulling through to take the win on the final lap. Third place was taken by Mainwaring/Teague and fourth by Hughes/Shepherd.


It was now all to play for in the final race, with three boats in contention for the win, and the all important overall 2019 Ugly tour crown hanging in the balance, with Norris/Norris and Teague/Pound taking the it down to the wire. The wind was now really shifting around, and dropping down to very much soaking conditions, with some big holes around. Off the start the fleet was split, with each side looking like they were onto a winner, only for the windward mark to bring everybody together at the same time. A busy windward mark saw Norris/Norris take a narrow lead, with the fleet hot on their heels, led by Hallam/Croft. Norris/Norris cemented their lead to take the race win, the event and the Ugly tour series, what a finish! Behind Hallam/Croft held another great second place, with Mainwaring/Teague in third, and Teague/Pound fourth, with Jeremy/Becca Stephens in fifth.


Final scores saw the win for Alistair Norris/Helen Norris, from Bristol Corinthian YC, showing that married life has certainly not slowed their boat speed down! Fred Mainwaring/Liz Teague from Exe took second place from John Teague/Naomi Pound from Bristol Corinthian in third place. Fourth went to Owain Hughes/Mari Shepherd from Parkstone, and the soon to be promoted Henry Hallam/Ollie Croft from Saint Mawes taking fifth and first Bronze boat, the only question being will they be in Silver or Gold fleet next year?! Nick Smith/Max Ross from Bristol Corinthian won silver fleet in 8th position overall.


The overall prize giving for the Ugly tour was held following the Chew prize giving, with sponsor Westcountry Boat Repairs, aka Pete 'Ugly' Vincent presenting a table full of Ugly mugs and Ugly goodies. Alistair Norris/Helen Norris won the overall title for the second year in a row, counting a full house of bullets with three points. A point behind was John Teague/Naomi Pound, with Fred Mainwaring/Liz Teague in third place. Final results for the overall tour will be out very shortly, watch this space to see you you placed!


Sailed: 4, Discards: 1, To count: 3, Rating system: PY, Entries: 16, Scoring system: Default scoring system
Rank Class Sail Number Helm Crew Club R1 R2 R3 R4 Total Nett Notes
1st RS200 1509 Alistair Norris Helen Norris BCYC (2.0) 2.0 1.0 1.0 6.0 4.0  
2nd RS200 418 F Mainwaring E Teague Exe SC (4.0) 1.0 3.0 3.0 11.0 7.0  
3rd RS200 1365 John Teague Naomi Pound BCYC 1.0 3.0 (5.0) 4.0 13.0 8.0  
4th RS200 1552 Owain Hughs Mari Shepherd Parkstone YC 3.0 5.0 4.0 (17.0 DNS) 29.0 12.0  
5th RS200 162 Henry Hallam Ollie Croft Saint Mawes 9.0 (13.0) 2.0 2.0 26.0 13.0  
6th RS200 1445 Pete Vincent Victoria Opton BCYC & Llangedfedd SC 5.0 (8.0) 6.0 7.0 26.0 18.0  
7th RS200 846 Jeremy Stephens Becca Stephens Penzance SC 8.0 6.0 (10.0) 5.0 29.0 19.0  
8th RS200 1145 Nick Smith Max Ross BCYC 7.0 7.0 7.0 (11.0) 32.0 21.0  
9th RS200 1019 James Willliams Lizzy Cooke CVLSC 6.0 (9.0) 8.0 8.0 31.0 22.0  
10th RS200 1466 Dave Sweet Derian Scott CVLSC 11.0 4.0 (12.0) 9.0 36.0 24.0  
11th RS200 1342 Sarah Green David Green Llanddegfedd SC (13.0) 12.0 11.0 6.0 42.0 29.0  
12th RS200 1707 Paul Feeland Sharon Freelamnd Llandegfedd SC (10.0) 10.0 9.0 10.0 39.0 29.0  
13th RS200 1437 Rich Hole Tracy Hole CVLSC 12.0 (15.0) 14.0 12.0 53.0 38.0  
14th RS200 832 Pete Alvey Andy Gordon CVLSC 14.0 14.0 (15.0) 13.0 56.0 41.0  
15th RS200 700 Tim Houghton Mat Colls CVLSC 15.0 11.0 (17.0 DNF) 17.0 DNS 60.0 43.0  
16th RS200 977 Paul Pritchard Clare Horackova BCYC (17.0 DNS) 16.0 13.0 14.0 60.0 43.0


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