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Windy Conditions For Queen Mary Coaching Day

Words and Pictures: David Jessop

This Sunday, the Queen Mary RS200 fleet enjoyed a day of coaching from David Jessop, in superb conditions that tested everyone. Given the strong, gusty forecast, the focus of the day was on upwind boatspeed and plane-to-plane gybing.

Everyone got a lot out of the session, and there were exhausted and happy faces all around at the end of the day. Key takeaways from the fleet:
- calling in gusts
- hiking hard!
- when gybing, move across late but fast, to help with windward heel on entry
- get the new spinnaker sheet in early (several handfuls before crossing the boat)
- *lots* of mainsheet, pre-emptive of gusts to keep the boat flat upwind
- think about keeping flow over the foils rather than pinching
- initiate gybes with windward heel
- big steps across the boat (wide stance helps balance)
The training day was organised with the aid of an RS Class Assocaition Training Grant of £50. If you would like support to organise a training event at your club, please contact

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