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Proposed change to RS200 Class Rules - Outcome of vote

The RS200 Class Rules have been reviewed by the RS200 committee prior to the RS200 UK Nationals at the RS Games to ensure that all Class rules remain relevant and up to date. This has included minor typographical error updates throughout and amendments to:

- Clarification of toe strap fixings

- Alignment of the rules to the standard supplied spars/fixtures/fittings

- Alignment of class wide continuous control line use

- Reduction in the requirement for main sheet support along the boom to 50% from 80%

A vote has just been carried out amongst all RS200 Class Association members and the vote is carried. There were 21 votes in total (7% of membership) and 20 were for the changes; one against.

The new rules can be viewed on the website at

Any queries, please do contact me.

Heather Chipperfield,

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