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2017 RS Class Association International AccountsView
2017 RS Sailors Club UK AccountsView
2018 RS Class Association International AccountsView
2018 RS Sailors Club UK AccountsView
2020 RS Sailors Club UK AccountsView
Draft NoR RS200 Nationals 2020View
NoR Leigh & Lowton 2021View

Class Rules

RS Class Rules All Classes View
RS200 Class Rules AppendixView


RS Classes International Group ConstitutionView
RS Sailors Club ConstitutionView
RS200 International Class Association ConstitutionView
UK RS200 Class Association ConstitutionView

Management Committee Minutes

Management Committee Minutes 13 July 21View
Management Committee Minutes 15 Oct 2018View
Management Committee Minutes 18 June 2018View
Management Committee Minutes 20 April 2021View
Management Committee Minutes 22 Jan 2019View
Management Committee Minutes 26 March 2019View
Management Committee Minutes 5 Feb 2018View
Management Committee Minutes 9 Feb 2021View
Management Committee Minutes 9 Nov 17View
Management Committee Minutes Oct 21View
Minutes 8th October 2019View


Filey RS200 National Championships NoRView
Joining Instructions - Volvo Noble Marine RS200 Nationals 2019View
RS National Champion Sail MedallionView
RS200 Nationals 2021 Championship prize winnersView
RS200 Nationals Buddy Groups 2021View

Other Documents

2018 RS200 Calendar and Member BenefitsView
2019 Warsah Open RS400 RS200View
2022 Safeguarding PolicyView
2022 Under 18s Consent FormView
Data Privacy Policy 2022View
Event Reports - GuidelinesView
Fiona Clark Memorial EventView
Flight Plan- Appendix DView
Harken Rutland RS200 RS400 RS600 Open SIsView
Harken Rutland RS400 RS200 and RS600 open Notice of RaceView
Loco Nacho Street FoodView
NOR RS200 RS400 RS800 Inlands 2021View
RS Instruction GuidesView
RS Owners ManualView
RS Sailors Club - Winter Sail Deal 2020View
RS UK Coaches Good Practise GuideView
RS UK Safety DocumentView
RS200 Class Association Committee Roles, 10/12View
RS200 Class Development Update 22_01_2015View
RS200 Construction Vote - Feb 2021View
RS200 Fleet Survey Oct 2017View
RS200 Nationals 2021 JIsView
RS200 Sail Communication 28 01 2015View
Travel in Europe post BrexitView
Ugly 2021 After ExeView
West Country Boat Rpais SW Ugly Tour 2021 after BCYCView
West Country Boat Rpais SW Ugly Tour 2021 FINALView

Race Documentation

2020 Youth Champs Special CourseView
2021 Rooster National Tour RulesView
2021 RS Class Association NOR TemplateView
2021 RS Class Association SIs templateView
2021 RS Class Association Supplementary SIs TemplateView
Buddy List Volvo Noble Marine RS200 National Championship 2019View
Draft SIs RS200 Nationals 2020View
NoR 2020 InlandsView
NOR Carnac 2022View
NoR Leigh & Lowton 2021View
NoR St Mawes 2021View
NoR St Mawes RS200 2020View
NoR Staunton Harold 2021View
NoR Summer Regatta HISC 2019View
NoR Volvo Noble Marine RS200 National Championships 2019View
NoR Volvo Noble Marine RS200 National Championships 2019 - Amendment 1View
NoR Warsash 2019View
NoR Yorkshire Dales 2021View
NoR, Strangford Loch 2019View
RS200 2020 Nationals NOR draftView
RS200 Virtual Sprints NoRView
RS200 Youths 2020 NoRView
SIs Inlands RS200 2020View
SIs Leigh and Lowton 2021View
SIs St Mawes 2021View
SIs St Mawes RS200 2020View
SIs Volvo Noble Marine RS200 National Champiosnhips 2019View
SIs Weir Wood 2021View
SIs YDSC 2021View
South Cerney 080821 NoRView
South Cerney 080821 SSIView


RS200 Settings March 2017View
Techy Thursday - Pimp your RS200View

UK AGM Minutes

RS200 AGM Minutes 2021View

UK Class Meeting Minutes

Draft Minutes RS200 AGM 2020View
RS200 AGM Agenda 2021View
RS200 AGM Minutes 2018View
RS200 AGM Minutes August 2018View
UK RS200 Class Association AGM 2016 MinutesView
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