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Facebook Pages

The RS200 has a range of facebook pages and groups, used by many fleet members to share news, photos, event details, results, boat and sailing queries, helm/crew requests etc.

RS Class Association - offcial page for all the '00' classes

RS200 Class Association - official class page

RS200 Class Association - official class group

RS200 Events UK - details of RS Class Association events, and out of season other events

RS200 Youth Sailing - for those 22 and under

RS200 SEAS 2016 - the SE regional tour group

RS200 South West Ugly Tour 2016 - the SW regional tour group

RS200 Northern Tour - the Northern regional tour group

Eastern RS 200s - the Great Eastern tour regional group

RS200 Scotland Tour - the Scottish regional tour

RS Sailing - the offical page of RS Sailing, Romsey

RS Sailing Store - everything you need for your RS200, plus technical clothing and equipment

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